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French Tiny House with Folding Porch is Extremely Easy to Tow


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This 95 sq. foot french tiny house was constructed for a tall buyer! Bruno, proprietor of tiny house firm La Tiny House, takes us on a tour of his “Appalachia Tiny Home” design.

This teeny tiny features a spacious toilet, kitchen, staircase and lofted bed room. It evens has a big full measurement detachable porch, which is positioned on the tongue of the trailer! Perhaps essentially the most shocking characteristic of this tiny house, is that your entire construction could be faraway from the trailer, as with all of La Tiny Houses designs. There is a requirement that dictates that any load on a trailer must be simply detachable.

Features of “Appalachia” Tiny Home:

– Bathroom sink / bathe mixture unit
– Modular staircase that converts in to a bench
– Lightweight, sturdy roof
– Live edge counter tops
– High ceilings for a tall buyer
– Full porch that folds up for journey
– Tiny house could be faraway from the trailer

To be taught more concerning the tiny house motion in France, learn more here: http://tinyhousegiantjourney.com/2016/03/02/french-tiny-house/

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