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I noticed a submit yesterday about Headspace giveaways and located it attention-grabbing so I’m additionally doing it.
Comment the explanation down here, and I’ll ship you the code for one yr subscription.
If it labored, please replace your remark.
I’ll attempt to assist as many individuals as I can.

Love you all.

Edit: If you are not snug with commenting here(as I at all times am). You can privately message me.

Edit: Giveaway is over. Thank you on your love. Have a aware yr forward.

NOTE: I can nonetheless give some, in the event you strongly wanted it. You can privately message for that.

Again, Love you all.


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  1. Well I am unemployed and I am using free packs of headspace, aware,etc to get it going since a month. Would love if I didn’t have to worry about what app to look when one runs out. Also I am kind of struggling with an addiction need meditation to increase willpower and self-control

    Edit: Thank,Thank you so much! You made my day bro! I was all upset because I had relapsed yesterday but Thank you I can bring some calm to my life and mind.

  2. I like meditation but I don’t practice it regularly enough.

    Maybe Headspace can help me investing myself more into it.

    Very nice of you doing this giveaway !


    Edit: Thank you!!

  3. I’ve been meditating to reduce day to day anxiety as well as to give my mind a break every once in a while. I am only about a month in but I already believe everyone should meditate! Such a way to improve so many aspects of your life.

    Edit: Thanks!!!

  4. I was using headspace regularly but haven’t been for awhile. I’d love to start it back up and have more packs available if you’re still feeling generous (if not that’s totally understandable, too!)
    Thanks for considering. 🙂

    EDIT: It worked! Thank you SO much—I really appreciate it!

  5. Someone I love very much is struggling with mental illness and I can’t stop worrying about it. I want so be able to take care of myself mentally so that I can be there for him. I’ve never tried meditation before but I’ve been considering it for a long time.

    Edit: It worked! I cannot thank you enough.

  6. Long story short, I recently graduated and have been looking for a job for the past 4 months. Unemployment really sucks, and it is beginning to feel real hopeless and alone at times because all of my friends are busy building a career. I find myself isolating myself as conversations with friends usually turn to them whining about their jobs. I find that I can no longer relate to them and I numb myself with unhealthy habits like binge-watching films and self-medication just to tune out those thoughts .. I admit that I am a work in progress and I am willing to work on it. Meditation is one of those things that I find myself coming back to, especially during dark times, but I don’t have a solid practice. It would mean a lot to me to get this subscription and see where this leads me for a year.

  7. Good morning! I’ve been meditating to cope with life’s ups and downs for the past month.. I’d really appreciate the code 🙏🏻 headspace has been really helpful so far xxx.

    Update: it worked!!’ Massive thank you!!!!! Lots of love xxxxxxxx

  8. I would like to use the Headspace app as well! I tried meditating on my own, but it Doesn’t seem to stick..

    Would be nice to have a personalized plan on the app 🙂

    Btw it s awesome you’re doing a give away!

    Edit: It worked! Thank you very much 🙂

  9. I meditate almost every day and getting better st it. Sometimes i get the feeling that i need guidance but i dont really find the youtube ones really that helpful. Id love to learn more about meditation and spirituality. Id love to get knowledge and share it with those in need/ be able to help.

    Have a good day!

    Edit: the code worked! Thank you so much❤️

  10. I have just began meditation and I have enjoyed the basic meditation course on Headspace. I won’t to explore it further as well. There are few courses i would like to explore which i think can address my anxiety.

    Edit: this guy is amazing. Just got the code and it works.

  11. Hi, I am looking to learn more about meditation/mindfulness to try get control of life and emotions but always wary of the price commitments for the apps like Headspace, 10% Happier and Calm. But I know they’d help me get into a daily habit!


    Update: Thank you so much for the code, I look forward to getting into a daily habit!

  12. Would love a subscription for Headspace. Tried the trial and would like to commit more time to mindfulness and this might well do the trick.

    Edit- thanks very much – this appears to of worked.

  13. I’ve meditaded on and off for 2 years, it has really helped with my anxiety, and I feel like I can live more in the moment. I loved the free material Headspace has, and felt it helped me actually stick to the routine of meditading every day. Don’t know if it’s too late to comment but worth a try!

    EDIT: It worked, thank you so so much! It will definitely go to good use 🙂

  14. I started meditating about 6 months ago to help with my ADHD, and I started with headspace. It made a huge difference in my life. I worked through “The Basics” class one starting with 3 minutes, then 5, then, 10, then… Well. Since then, I’ve been bouncing around from app to app. I was gifted with a free code for Aware (which is a fantastic app, BTW, I’m not knocking it in any way) and have been using it for awhile, but something about it just never clicked the same way. I went back to Headspace a few weeks ago, and it’s like I’ve had to start over again, but it’s working for me like none of the guided apps ever have. I’m not sure if it’s the voice (I’m American, but I have my GPS, my phone assistant, everything possible set to British voices, always have. I’m less likely to yell at my technology that way.) or the tone, or the pacing (he has less silence, but the tone and volume are super smooth so when he does talk, there’s no jolt of distraction, it’s more hypnotic?), but it just works for my ADHD brain better than anything else I’ve tried this last year or so. I actually came to the sub today for suggestions of what to try next, or tips for ADHD meditation when I found this. As for why I don’t just pay for a subscription myself – at the moment, we just moved so my husband could start his first year of grad school and we’re paying double rent until our old lease is finished or I would 🤦

    Also, if you’re giving these away because you work for the company, you might suggest a tiered subscription model – I’m pretty sure they added a month-to-month option finally, but if they added a five dollar “you can’t access everything, but you can can keep going down this one path” option, people would buy it I think 🤷

    Anyway, if you have any left, I’d love one, it’s the only app that’s really worked for me out of all the ones I’ve tried.

    Edit: Thank you so much! This means a lot to me, and everyone else you’ve helped today. 😊

  15. Good morning! I have been struggling with finding time and peace. Guided meditations are the best way for me to set aside that time. I hope to be able to find the mindful moments with practice.

  16. I’d love this too. I used to use headspace a while ago but could not afford it so moved to insight timer which is not as good. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

  17. Hello, I would love to see how will Headspace work for me.
    So far the other platforms were a bit of a hit and miss.
    Perhaps Headspace is better?

    Edit: the code worked well, thank you very much!

  18. I would love to try this. I need to meditate to control anxiety and anger issues, so I can have confidence to do more with my life.

    Edit: Linked worked. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity!

  19. I’m going to be doing research on mindfulness meditation soon and my professor recommended I try headspace. I’ve been doing the free basics but would love to see what it fully has to offer

    Edit: code worked! You’re the best thank you

  20. Good evening. I would love to try Headspace to help me become a more calm person in a time where I am fighting with anxiety and occasional anger. Thanks in advance!

    Edit: It worked! Thank you very much!

  21. You’re a saint. I previously had a month of daily meditation and I haven’t been so even keeled since. In fact, I’ve seen an increase in anxiety since, compounded. I’d love to get back to it.

    Edit: THANK YOU!!!

  22. I’ve been finding myself more and more distracted and emotional when dealing with my personal relationships. I need to get back to meditation and being mindful.

    EDIT: I got a code and it worked. Thank you so much!

  23. I’ve been struggling with increasing anxiety recently and I’ve been trying to meditate to help with it, but as a newbie I think I could benefit from the structure of head space. Regardless, this is very kind of you!

    EDIT: The code worked! What a wonderful act of kindness, I’m in tears. Thank you so much!

  24. Hello! I meditate to find focus in my life! I have ADD and Anxiety and those together cause my mind to constantly be jumpimg from one stresser to the next. Meditation helps me find peace and clarity in the here and now!

  25. I’ve hit a rough patch in life which led me here but have not had much success with it, perhaps a year’s commitment will be the rolling stone to make it a life long undertaking.

    Edit: thank you so much!

  26. I’ve fallen a little out of touch with meditation after meditating everyday for a few months the year before last. I’ve really been struggling to get back into it and remember the intro course for headspace being fantastic. Sadly a subscription just isn’t in the budget right now

    Edit: thanks so much! The subscription code worked. Now to put this gift to use

  27. I bought myself a month and it runs out tomorrow. A full year is too expensive but I’ll find a free app if this doesn’t work out. You’re a nice person either way!

    Edit: my code worked – thank you for this!!

  28. That’s very very sweet of you. I used Headapace a lot this time last year and it helped me out of a bad place, I stopped my subscription some months ago to save money thinking I’d learned enough to tide me by.. but there’s nothing as soothing as the British guys voice!

    Edit: it worked! Thank you kind human

  29. I’d been using the daily calm every day until it started asking me for payment and locked the guided meditations.

    If you’re still answering This post id really appreciate it!

    EDIT: It worked!!! you’re the best

  30. I’ve been meditating for years for anxiety/depression/general mental health benefits, but have never had the money for a guided mediation app like headspace. I’d be very interested to try it.

    Either way, thanks for helping people out!!

    Edit: worked for me , thanks!

  31. I am new to mediating and breathing and living well. I went 21 days in a row, but I cancelled cause I couldn’t handle the price. I would LOVE a free year

    Edit: got it baby!!!!!!! So happy

  32. I used headspace consistently until I hit the paywall. I know I need to meditate daily but I have no extra money for a subscription when I’m paying off student loans. I’d appreciate your support!!

    Oh my gosh it worked!! This year is gonna be amazing!! I think giving these subs away is gonna change a lot of people’s lives. Thanks again <3

  33. Your post and that of yesteday has inspired me to be more selfless – I believe through meditation we can all become more compassionate and selfless. I would love a year subscription to headspace!

  34. This would be amazing

    Meditation has helped me become more mindful throughout the day when I’m able to

    I’m unemployed and this would be a great gift

    Update: Thank you for your kind gesture

    I feel great after my first session

  35. I would love to make meditation a sticking habit. I used the free trial a little over a year ago and liked it. I then tried Calm, even subscribed for a year, but never could get into it.

  36. This might sound corny, but I try to do a lot for others. It’s been the busiest year ever. I started med school (as a mature student), while also teaching design at university (my first degree). Next to that I work with a friend on a graphic design projects for different climate change initiatives and NGO’s. I love it all, and love being there for my students and helping my fellow med students, but I’ve never been busier.

    I feel like it’s making me blunt and a little robotic and I’ve been stopping myself sometimes because I can’t place how,or if, I feel anything because I’m on this fully engaged mode all day. It’s been affecting my learning, and while I always feel full of physical energy, mentally I’m getting a little drained because I never stop. A recent ADHD diagnosis explained this somewhat, and I’ve mostly been handling it. But it feels a little worrying.

    I’ve been trying to meditate, specifically to learn how to disengage.

    What you are doing is beautiful and I feel getting a gift like that would provide an extra impetus to really make it habit.

    Thanks for reading.

  37. A 1 year subscription would be amazing. I have tried the free trials and loved them, and I also listened to an interview with the founder recently and I found him to be so endearing- he sincerely wants to help people and I really appreciated that.

  38. How are the loving kindness meditations? I have been trying to meditate regularly, but building a new habit is a struggle for me.

    Update: Thank you so much! You are amazing 🙂

  39. I’ve used headspace in the past and loved it. With 3 kids, money’s a little tight so I had to cancel last year.

    I don’t know if you are still giving subscriptions but if you are, it would sure be awesome!

  40. I’m in a hard period of my life right now, feeling lost and trying to find myself and respond to many questions. I think meditating would help me a lot.

  41. Haven’t meditated in nearly two years been trying to get back into it but so far not been able to stick to it. If you are still able to gift this it could be the kick up the arse I need. Obviously no worries if it’s not possible.

  42. Been trying to make a habit of meditation (mostly to cure insomnia and stress) for a long time and had a good run with the trial on Headspace but since that ran out I haven’t found a free app that worked for me. Would love to have a go again! If I am too late to the party, that’s fine. You’re really cool for having helped so many people already!! Edit: wow, i got it! Thank you so much!

  43. I want to start meditating to help me be more present with the people l love. I find myself being overwhelmed with my anxiety, stress, and over thoughts. I feel I’m ignoring my kids and my wife by focusing on the thoughts in my mind instead of focusing on my family.


    Edit: The Code worked! Thank you so much!

  44. I used to meditate regularly before, after a while I just couldn’t find any good (guided) meditations anymore.. So using headspace would really help getting back on track

    Edit: Received and redeemed the code, which I feel really grateful for. Thank you!!

  45. Hello,

    I’ve been using headspace to keep myself grounded, stable, and mentally fit to fight an uphill battle that My family and I are currently facing. Your code wouldn’t definitely help me strong by keeping me mentally strong for us

  46. I would definitely appreciate a subscription that way I can practice more often with guided exercises.

    EDIT: This worked, redeemed the code. Thank you!!!

  47. It’s funny you posted this today- I just started meditating regularly 3 days ago. Only a couple minutes at a time. I would absolutely benefit from some extra structure while I build a foundation.


    edit: The code worked 🙂 thank you so much.

  48. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and not being able to control my thoughts and have struggled to pursue meditation on my own. Think maybe some quided meditation is the way to go to begin with!

  49. I’ve just started headspace, got through the basics pack, considered paying but can’t find it in my budget. Want to use it to get a grasp on my ADHD.

    Edit: It went through! Blessings man!

  50. Wow, what an amazing and loving gesture. This is why I love this sub and visit it so much. Even just reading comments here helps and feels like meditation sometimes. I’m trying hard to learn how to let go and meditate to help my mind and improve life.

    If you still have more to give out it would be appreciated. If not no worries, just reading about everyone’s struggles and triumphs this post has brought out in people is a beautiful and inspiring thing. Peace and happiness to you and everyone in this thread.

  51. I’d really benefit from some guidance since I’m hitting different plateaus, unfortunately I’m too broke to see a meditation teacher at this point in my life. Would love to try it out if the door is still open. Many thanks /S

    EDIT: Shit it works, many thanks to you my friend!

  52. My job is extremely stressful, I work with violent people. I try to meditate in order to keep myself sane and not worry about getting hurt. I dont meditate often enough, and I know it would help me sleep better at night. I’ve heard great things about Headspace and I think it would greatly benefit me.

    Edit: The code worked. Thank you OP, you’re a hero!

  53. I already tried some stuff on headspace and have been lurking in the sub for a while…I’d like to give it a more serious try.
    In any case, thank you.

    edit: I got the code, thanks a lot 🙂

  54. this is so kind OP! id be super grateful to have a subscription — hoping to reintroduce a mindfulness practice to my daily routine so that i can get back on the right path. thanks for being an awesome part of this community!!

    edit: just got my code – thank you so much!!

  55. I’ve only used the demo version because I’m 17 and I don’t have the money to get the full version. Currently I just meditate for 10 mins of unguided breath focus. I’m having trouble keeping this up as a daily routine and I think having the guidance from the Headspace app would keep me going and help me get the most out of the session. I also struggle with Crohn’s disease which causes digestive problems along with anxiety. The worst things for this disease is stress so I really would love to start guided meditation because as of right now weed is one of the only things helping with my stress. Thanks for the consideration though! (: very kind of you and if I am the winner I will pay it forward some way or another one day

  56. I’m really trying to meditate to help with my low dopamine levels as guided meditation has shown to improve levels by 65%. I have heard great things about headspace and would love to try it out!

  57. I’d love to use the app on a regular basis to improve my practice and help manage anxiety. Thank you so much for doing this!

    Edit: it worked, thank you again!!!

  58. I use to meditate often but have been unable to get back into it. I believe trying something new may help me revert back. I’ve been needing to turn on my brain switch and get my mindset on the right track again.

    You are very appreciated by all of us 🙂

  59. Is this really real? I’ve been trying to mediate daily and have gone through the free Headspace more times than I can count. Would love to explore more of the app.

    Edit: promo worked. Thanks so much!

  60. I’ve been starting to think negative thoughts and it’s putting a strain on my relationship. I’m very insecure and always have a million thoughts running through my head.

    I downloaded headspace this morning to see if meditation will allow me to be calm and be more present instead of always being in my head.

    Edit: I’ve received the annual subscription! Thank you so much

  61. I’ve been meditating regularly and would definitely use Headspace if it was free. It would specifically help when Im at work and need to focus. I’ve found guided meditations can be helpful to play at work when I’m busy and don’t have time to stop for traditional meditation.

    Edit: Got it! Thanks for the kind gesture!

  62. I would love to get better with my mind.
    I am a really emotional person so I use to get hit pretty hard by the reality.
    I got to the conclusion that my mind needs its space too so I can make better choices in my life and feel better every day.
    I’m from Colombia, here a year subscription is expensive.

    Edit. You are awesome, thanks. The code works. 😊

  63. Hope I’m not too late.

    I’ve been trying to meditate to improve my relationships with Family, coworkers , and just about anybody that interact with

    Update: thank you so much. The code worked! Will try to keep my meditation as consistent as possible

  64. Might have missed the boat here but I love this app but can’t really afford to spend the cash for a regular subscription. After doing the first 10 meditation literally dozens of times, this would be amazing!!

    Appreciate you helping out the sub!

    Edit: thank you so much! It worked!

  65. I used to use Headspace regularly, and it got me through a really bad depressive patch, which I’ll always be grateful for.

    I went back to school after the depressive patch and fell out of practice (and funds). I’m in culinary school for baking and pastry arts, and my chef mentioned the other day that I was showing my stress a lot and that when you’re a pastry chef you can’t show stress. You need to be the least stressed person on your team because they’re all taking cues from you.

    He’s 100% correct. I was letting my stress get to me in the kitchen, and de-stressing at home. But that’s not good enough. I need to manage my stress better and being more mindful and aware of myself in the kitchen.

    So that’s why I’d like to get back into regular practice with Headspace 🙂

    Edit: Thank you!! The code worked. I’ll put this year to good use

  66. I am at the stage of my life where i am trying to make sense of this complex world, and i realized one of the way i can achieve it is by understanding myself better. I hope Headspace helps. Heard good things about it.

  67. Been trying to meditate for past 2-3 months, been falling in and out, maybe headspace will help me. Also have exams in 2 months so my anxiety levels are increasing, so the app may help.

    Update: Thank you my dude, got the 1 year subscription, really appreciate it, peace.

  68. I’m also interested if you’re still active. I would honestly gift the code to my girlfriend. She’s been struggling at work and can’t let go of her thoughts to relax. If not, it’s fine. 🙂 you’re awesome for getting so many people into meditation! Edit: wow, thanks, i got it!

  69. I have recently quit using marijuana and am experiencing depression, insomnia, and severe anxiety. Trying to learn to meditate to relieve some of these symptoms and avoid relapse.

    EDIT: Code works. Bless you.

  70. Personally, my office is quite noisy (to me, I find even small background chatter takes me off course and I start to zone out) and I’m trying to passively be able to retain my focus on my work (I’m an engineer) with my mind reaching for the intermittent distractions that may arise.

    And I feel like I’m a nicer person after having meditates in the morning. It’s quite noticeable to me.

  71. Hi! I am looking for alternative ways to manage my anxiety and depression. I’ve begun weaning myself off fluoxetine. I just can’t manage the side effects. So I’m hoping meditation will help, along with some other strategies I have in place. Internet here is expensive so I’m really looking for meditations I can download and listen offline. I did some googling and found this post on Reddit. I got emotional reading all these stories, and the fact you’re giving away free one year subs is just too special. Love to everyone here.

  72. Hey, I don’t know if I’m too late but I would like to try Headspace. Meditation helps with overthinking and my anxious thoughts. I began meditating yesterday again after many months not doing it so it would be great to start with Headspace 🙂
    Edit: It worked. Thanks 🙂

  73. I almost lost the person i love most just this Saturday due to mistakes made on my part and i find that meditation has allowed me to get better and i wanna continue on that journey of self betterment but I’ll be honest i don’t truly need the code it’d just be a nice thing to get right now that i cant afford it, if you have any left after giving to people that truly need it I’d more than happy to take one though 😉

    Edit: Already reedemed the code, thank you OP, you rock!

  74. Hey there, I know I’m late but I figured I would post my reason anyway :). I want to become more aware of what makes me, myself. I want to understand my own mind and be comfortable with my own feelings. Even if I’m too late, thank you for doing this OP.

  75. I’ve been using headspace to keep my thoughts clear, and would love to explore the app past the free trial. Hopefully you’re still doing the giveaway at this point!

    Edit: thanks for this, I’ve already made some use of the app 🙂


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