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How to pay attention to your breath without controlling it?


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  1. The whole point of observing the breath in meditation is to make you aware of your egoic mind.

    Your egoic mind is *always* trying to improve and control things. Everything is always ‘broken’ and needs to be improved / fixed.

    This process is largely unconscious / automatic, so it only gets really obvious when your mind does this to something that even your conscious mind can see is plainly not broken — your breath.

    If your mind really totally let go of controlling the breath, you would most likely land in a state of incredible peace and joy and bliss.

    Sounds great, right? Your mind would likely freak out and get terrified of not being in its usual slightly miserable and tormented state.

    Why do I say this? Because so many posts in this sub are about people experiencing incredible peace and joy, and the sheer terror their mind came up with once they experienced this state.

    Nothing was wrong, but their mind which usually manufactures things to be worried and anxious about was not comfortable at all in a state without those things.

    So letting go of control of the breath is like pulling back the curtain of the Wizard of Oz. It is both very easy and very difficult at the same time.

    Yes, I am being ‘dramatic’ about something that seems very simple. However, when you go deep in meditation dramatic things start to happen. And that is partially what your mimd’s control of breath is there to prevent.

    A bird that has lived in a cage for too long is afraid to get out of the cage. So when your breath starts to slow too much, your mind will pull the door of the cage shut again.

    This is exactly why the mediation instructions are to watch the breath but do not control it — to make this process start to become obvious to you. And as you start to let go of control of the breath and start getting used to these deeper states, new worlds start opening to you.

  2. It’s a little like walking. We do it all the time without actually feeling the action, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice the subtle flow of air over the leading edge of your hand, the air disturbing the hair follicles and impacting the skin. You haven’t changed anything about HOW you are walking, but your attention has shifted. Same thing with your breath during meditation.
    I hope this helps.

  3. You could try counting your breaths, then when you reach a certain number (like 10) stop counting. But just keep mindful of your breathing.

    Proper posture is also important.

  4. i’ve always been taught to watch it like a swinging door. Just watch the door swing back… and forth… eventually your mind will calm itself, and you will be able to see the difference between observing and thinking about your breath.

  5. Knowing and relaxing with the fact that you never were and never will be in control of it, it’s impossible. Control doesn’t really exist, it’s already the case, even when you are tripping, thinking that you are controling.

  6. I can do this, the only real advice I could give is to focus in on it and let your body Act Naturally oh, you could try focusing on your heart beat because that is something that is out of your control and thus this will put you in the mindset of observing.


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