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I’ve Overcomplicated Meditation


I started meditating virtually a yr in the past on January 15th. It has offered large advantages for me, as I’m higher at controlling feelings and I’m higher at being with myself. The factor I cherished a lot about meditation after I was first beginning out was how easy it’s. The observe and thought behind it. Just observing the breath and the issues round you. An concept that got here by means of me after I first began was, “As long as you are still breathing, everything is ok”. For the primary time I used to be truly capable of get out of my head and be extra current and meditation at the moment made life appear extra easy for me.
However in a single yr I believe I overcomplicated the entire thing. I’ve learn lots of books, finished a bunch of guided mediations, listened to podcasts, and so forth. I’ve discovered rather a lot from these issues, however I believe it has been an excessive amount of data for my mind to deal with. Sometimes I believe that I would like to make use of a sure method or that I’m not doing a meditation proper. This results in me overthinking whereas I’m meditating. And after I’m not meditating, I discover myself looking r/Meditation, YouTube, or another issues for extra data I’ve most likely heard earlier than or a brand new inspiring meditation/self assist quote. I don’t suppose this mass quantity of knowledge has helped with preserving me current, because it has made me hunt down extra issues to search for.

Right now I’ve realized that I’d must take a step again and simplify my mind-set. Just pay attention to my respiration, observe ideas, and allow them to cross. That’s it. I don’t want to look at some guru on Youtube or learn one other e book. I simply have to be current. Thanks for studying

TLDR: With the mass quantity of knowledge on the Internet relating to meditation, it’s simple to suppose that there’s extra you could be doing or that you’re doing one thing fallacious. But it ought to all be easy. Just breathe, watch out for you environment, observe your ideas and allow them to cross.

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  1. I agre with you. To much information. Thats why i use simple method that helps me. Always when i face a problem i imagine im on a desert island and with no help, how can i solve it. It depends on the problem though. Some problems are in thinking, in trying to ‘think’ your way into meditation, trying to achieve a certain ‘state’ of calmness, energy etc. All those things block the energy. It has to come from joy that you are happy you are doing what ever you are doing and have no outcome while you are doing that. That way you will internalize a certain tehnique fully. But if you are doing one tehnique and then thinking or doubting that there is another method better and you are stuck here with your tehnique, it won’t do. You have to be fully in it. It requires your whole being. Not half of it. Not even 98% of it. Hope it helps.

  2. Great post! I am an over-complicator as well. It really is so simple. Be with what is happening without being lost in thought.

    All the stuff about the ego illusion and thoughts are just thoughts and all that is great, but the Buddha didn’t sit down and think “ok, the ego is an illusion and I need to figure it out.” He just WAS.

  3. Damn, sounds like me with lucid dreaming, you find yourself lost among the deluge of techniques and information and the wisdom and willpower of letting it all go and simplifying things like you said clashes with the brains ever restless seeking for more information, more knowledge. And you find yourself doing things less and reading about the subject of interest more or being very scattered and spread thin and feeling like you have to juggle too much information when you do eventually stop reading and start doing and can’t narrow down your focus enough and jumping from technique to technique instead of giving it more time because you feel like you have to try everything.

    Information overload is a tricky thing to handle, because you feel like you’re missing out by not consuming as much information and reading as you can but at the same time it leaves you focused on that rather than actually doing what you’re reading/researching about, and those things may seem more important to know than they really are, which is the brains novelty seeking in action I think, novelty of information which can feel very rewarding to our brains but not always immediately useful or necessary especially when just starting
    out, it becomes overwhelming instead.

  4. Sometimes the way of things let you pass through the torrential flood of knowledge. Cultivate the information while maintaining awareness. And keep coming back to breath

  5. I highly recommend getting the free app One Giant Mind. It teaches you effortless Vedic meditation step by step. This would clear up a lot of the issues you’re facing…

  6. Sure. Try out a few different techniques. Then decide on one and stick to it. Same as when digging for water. When you dig a water well and change place all the time you will only get shallow holes everywhere. Therefore, decide on one place to dig and dig deep. Then you will reach water. Same with meditation. Decide one technique and stick with it.

  7. I find when learning a skill instead of trying to absorb as many tips and tricks as possible you really gotta find one thing you want to get better at at a time, within x time it’ll be handled subconsciously without effort and you can move on to another. Too many things and all things will be done worse. Your brain learns things the way you do them so if you are doing 5 things badly it’ll slowly learn 5 things badly. If you do 1 thing and make sure you’re doing it right it’ll learn it quicker and with a stronger foundation.

  8. You have perfectly described the problem i was in about 8 months ago.

    Little bit of a background – the science of meditation comes from ancient Hindu scriptures. (If you look at Hindu scriptures as a whole, it is overwhelmingly evident that Buddhism and Jainism are a specific part of the Hindu way of life. We can certainly discuss this point more in a different thread but thats not the point of this comment thread)

    There are 112 nodes or chakras in a human body, which are just meeting points of more than 2 nerves. Concentration on each chakra is a meditation technique and there are compound techniques where you focus on certain combinations of chakras in series so as you can tell, there are infinite combinations so infinite meditation techniques.

    As i started learning different types of meditation out of curiosity i ended up confusing myself waayyy too much and would get impatient and do 5-10 different techniques in the same 20 minute session. The end result was an unsatisfied, eager and irritated mind after every session.

    I then learned about the ASTM method or the Automatic Self Transcending Meditation and have been doing that ever since with a lot of satisfaction and peace.

    If you are interested in ASTM, you need to learn if from certain schools of meditation. The Sahaj Samadhi course offerred by Art of Living is one such example.

  9. Do you realize writing this and everything just contributes to the overcomplicating problem.

    That’s where you have to stop, just resist the urge to post this, the urge to read reddit and the urge to learn more about this.

    Tolstoi said wisdom is something we all have inside and instead of growing the knowledge to attain wisdom what we have to do is unlearn the misleading things we know. Similarly Seneca for example says to avoid reading many books and digesting knowledge so very carefully. There’s lot of people today that has read more books than old sages I’m quite sure. Craving for more information and books is another craving without end. It does contribute to not having own thoughts as aknowledged aswell by Einstein and Schoppenhauer.

  10. I am currently taking a break from meditation. I’ve received similar benefits as you. A couple of years ago I learned TM and started off twice a day, cut down to once a day, and now I listen to binaural beats instead of saying the mantra. I don’t know where I will go from here, whether I will return to TM, continue with my hybrid style, try something new or abandon it all together. This new year has me in the mood for change.


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