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Whenever I truly enter the meditative state, I can feel my stomach start digesting food! Anyone else get this?


I’m assuming a results of the meditative state is a extra energetic metabolism, perhaps releasing unconscious rigidity I maintain in my abdomen?. I can really feel my core warmth up, and my abdomen normally grumbles. It’s not starvation, although I might see it being mistaken for that. Anyway, I take advantage of this as a gauge as as to if I’m really meditating, so its helpful in that sense. Just questioning if anybody else will get this?!

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  1. the body will do all sorts of weird things as you relax more, and with a calm mind, you observe them. that’s nice. stay as the observer… no attachment of thought… just observe. quantify that process in the mind, and apply to all your sense doors. very nice. mindfulness meditation is the key to unlock the door, and liberation.

  2. You are mostly just becoming more aware as you get deeper into yourself. That might be coupled with extra relaxation but the awareness is what allows you to sense digestion you otherwise would not.


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