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“All meditation must begin with arousing deep compassion. Whatever one does must emerge from an attitude of love and benefitting others”


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  1. I believe this is only a personal choice at best. A decision one take on his way of acting.

    I don’t work this way myself and i do make progress both during meditation time and in real life.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a hater, i see the power of love, but this is not the path i have chosen (there are many)

    I use knowledge of myself as a way to take the next step, both inward and outward.


  2. Well. Maybe. For some. But for me and others of the just-pay-attention school; no, not so much. Any form of *prescription* is inside the box of some form of [trance](http://pairadocks.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-10-steps-for-recovery-from.html), and is inherently “impure.” All religions find their way from spiritual dis-cover-y to doctrine and dogma in time. Buddhism did, as well.

    A suggestion: Just observe open-mindedly to see if the ductum actually works. Because they either do or don’t.


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